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Cjis Group Market Intelligence Tool


Just responding to RFPs is a proven ineffective way to sell into state and local government agencies. 

For over 20 years, CJIS GROUP has engaged in one-on-one conversations with technology decision makers in state and local government. We know who decision makers are, how they think and what their needs are. 

Validated Leads

Every day, our research team makes calls to state and local agencies across the country, uncovering technology leads and details about upcoming projects. We give our clients insight beyond a budget line item or a published RFP or RFI.

Our sales reps develop their territories and prioritize contacts based on information we get from CJIS GROUP. It’s impossible to have perfect knowledge of the market but using CJIS GROUP helps us get closer to that."

Pre-RFP Intelligence

Early intelligence equals higher sales conversion. We know about projects before they are in a budget or a bid is released. Pre-RFP intelligence will help you greatly when considering local and state government bids.

Customer Success Strategy

We take a proactive approach to ensuring that you get everything you need out of your subscription. Your dedicated account manager works with you to develop a business success strategy and tailor your experience.

The service that CJIS GROUP provides is invaluable. With a quick call, our dedicated rep Allison can assist and run reports for specific regions or states in an efficient manner. Another key point is their responsiveness and training. When a new employee is hired, with one email to our rep we immediately get them access to the CJIS data and then a training on how to use the product. We’ve tried other services and training is usually an issue. CJIS GROUP wants their users to be trained to get the most out of their subscription."

Comprehensive Agency Profiles

Comprehensive state and local agency profiles provide historical data, technology environment details and contacts.

Research Insight

Our research team understands the landscape of the SLED market and works with clients to help identify opportunities, even for niche technologies or smaller agencies.

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