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Selling technology to state and local governments is tough. With over 89,000 jurisdictions to monitor, tracking down contacts, budgets, RFPs, bids, and contracts is time-consuming and complicated. CJIS GROUP’s market intelligence tool simplifies the process of uncovering quality state and local government technology leads.

The CJIS GROUP product allows my sales team to have an “all in one” location, not only to provide procurement notifications, but also details on agencies to gain a better understanding of the customer. Items such as existing software, contact details, and other key items provide us a stepping stone into an agency, so even during the first meeting we already have some intelligence."

Most companies are just reporting RFPs, but with CJIS GROUP we hear about things before the RFP comes out. Chasing RFP’s is a lost cause but having the chance to get ahead of them is worth our subscription."

Our sales reps develop their territories and prioritize contacts based on information we get from CJIS GROUP. It’s impossible to have perfect knowledge of the market but using CJIS GROUP helps us get closer to that."

CJIS GROUP does a great job of setting up keywords to filter volume and minimize noise. Before, I was using a bid service that sent me a lot of alerts and it was very time consuming going through them. With CJIS GROUP, I’m still getting all the opportunities, but their screening process saves me time and I get more relevant leads."

The personal touch and customer service that CJIS GROUP provides is like no other. Not only were we provided with metrics to see which field rep was logging into the product, but also to what degree each rep was using the service. We quickly setup a follow-up call and now have all of our reps receiving regular email updates, plus CJIS GROUP gave them additional tools and tips on how to better use the product."

CJIS GROUP is our daily 'go to' for bids. We have had great success through the opportunities they have uncovered for us."


CJIS GROUP is more than a traditional bid service. Our tool, in combination with our research team, gives your sales team the intelligence it needs to win more state and local government contracts. So, what makes us unique?


  1. Our Pre-RFP information: Not only does CJIS GROUP track bids, but we focus on finding project intelligence before an RFP is released.
  2. Our Customer Success Team: We make sure your team is using the tool to the best of their ability. Our client success team tracks client usage, sets up each account to ensure all users are alerted correctly, and we offer unlimited training. We want you to get the most out of the tool.
  3. Our Research Team: At the beginning of your subscription your team will meet with our research team. During this meeting, you will guide our team and let them know what information is important to you.
  4. One-Stop Shop: We track projects from Pre-RFP to RFP, all the way until the contract is awarded.
  5. Daily Email Alerts: You will not have to log in to our system every day. We will alert you via email every time a new project meets your search criteria.
  6. Exclusively IT Focused: CJIS GROUP only tracks projects that are IT-related.

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