CJIS GROUP for Marketing



SLED IT Demand Generation is Complex!

We can help you:

  • Generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs) for your products and services.
  • Create campaigns targeting specific agencies and titles/roles in state and local government organizations.
  • Drive registration to your company’s upcoming events
  • Produce messaging and content that earns the right to be read

Ways to Market with CJIS GROUP:

  • Webinars - Have an interesting topic and want to reach state and local governments? Are you struggling to reach people who care? CJIS GROUP’s audience targeting will reach the right audience with the right message generating quality MQLs.
  • Account-Based Marketing – Do you need additional details for priority accounts? Have CJIS GROUP’s research staff gather information you need on an agency, its key contacts, incumbent vendors, current contracts, or planned procurements.   
  • Surveys – Have CJIS GROUP conduct surveys on your behalf to targeted audiences.
  • Direct Mailing Campaigns – Promote your whitepapers, case studies, etc... to CJIS GROUP’s targeted contact list.

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Our Audience:

CJIS GROUP covers all state and local government departments and the technologies they use or are planning to use. Our database has a wide array of IT contact titles from technical personnel, IT executives, to decision influencers and procurement contacts. Below are some of the state and local government agency types we cover:

  • Public Safety / Law Enforcement
  • Courts
  • Corrections
  • Public K-12 and Higher Education institutions
  • Fire
  • Health and Human Services
  • Transportation
  • Public Works
  • HR
  • Finance
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