Tech Trends: Transportation

On Monday, members of the CJIS GROUP team attended APTA’s (American Public Transportation Association) 2019 TRANSform Conference. One thing that stood out to newer members of the CJIS GROUP team is the variety and number of technologies that make public transportation safe and run efficiently.  The extensive planning and budget resources in our public transportation system isn’t always obvious on our daily commutes, but state and local governments spend $13B+ just on transportation IT alone.

CJIS GROUP is currently tracking a Manatee County Florida project  in the early planning stages. This county plans to implement a new advanced transportation systems (ATMS). Included in this initiative are many smaller projects such as advanced traffic controllers, advanced vehicular detection system, Bluetooth based travel-time devices, arterial dynamic message signs, closed circuit television (CCTV), traffic volume monitoring sites using microwave vehicle detection system, and dynamic trail blazing signs.

As the number of commuters increase and autonomous vehicles increase, the need for safer and smarter transportation will continue to be a pressing issue challenging state and local governments. At CJIS GROUP we are committed to keeping vendors and government agencies alert to evolving technologies, innovative plans and successes and challenges of governing in the “smart” world. 

October 16, 2019 - 11:53am

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