Tech Trends: Surveillance

The surveillance market in state and local government has grown significantly over the last four years. In 2016 CJIS GROUP tracked 704 surveillance projects. In 2017 that number jumped to 862 projects, an increase of 22.4% year over year. In 2018 CJIS GROUP tracked 1,067 projects representing 23.8% growth year over year. So far in 2019 we are tracking 1,054 surveillance projects indicating continued concern with physical security and modernizing how physical security is carried out in the state and local government sector.

Below is a breakdown of the 1,054 surveillance projects tracked in 2019 by type of agency (Business Segment):

Surveillance Really Correct

As you can see education, transportation general services and criminal justice agencies make up 85% of the market in 2019 surveillance projects. Are you interested in learning more about the surveillance market, or getting the details behind these macro statistics? For vendors, we can provide additional information regarding finding new surveillance systems business opportunities.  For government, we can provide intelligence regarding how jurisdictions like yours are upgrading their security.  Click here to schedule a time to meet with a CJIS GROUP professional to learn more.


December 11, 2019 - 10:08am

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