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In May Florida passed a cloud-first bill, hoping to modernize the state’s data storage strategy. This state-wide legislation recognizes the massive growth in state and local government cloud investment that has occurred over the past year. ITPro and Dell’s State of the Cloud report found the following:

  • Four in five respondents are leveraging some form of cloud solutions (80%). From there, 30% have a hybrid cloud solution, and 22% leverage a multi-cloud ecosystem.
  • The biggest issues with cloud adoption are complexity around security (57%), followed by cost (45%), legacy infrastructure (40%) and challenges around governance, risk, and compliance (39%).

A recent Gartner cloud services study also indicates that organizations will continue to invest in cloud services, with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) growing the fastest of market segments. CJIS GROUP believes significant advantages to IaaS are the non-proprietary nature of solutions, as well the ability for deep customization based on agency needs. So, agencies can determine an effective IaaS solution and invest without being locked-in. As their infrastructure needs change, agencies can easily scale the solution or migrate to a new vendor.

We are consistently seeing a preference for cloud based solutions in bid documents and expect this trend to continue as cloud market service demand continues to rise over the next few years.

July 23, 2019 - 11:14am

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