ShotSpotter Webinar: PIO Best Practices for Media Relations in the Time of "Defund the Police"

PIO Best Practices Webinar

Defund the police rhetoric, protests, and COVID-19 have made the Public Information Officer’s job tougher than ever. These issues combined with a tense political climate have changed the public perception and expectation of law enforcement — policing as we know it may never be the same. PIOs and agency communications professionals must continue to evolve to meet the challenge of the hour.

There's no written playbook for successfully navigating these issues, but some agencies have forged new paths by leveraging media to reach their communities. Hear from Public Information veterans from Fairfax County Police Department (formerly of Chicago PD) and Camden County Police Department as they share best practices to change the narrative and gain positive media coverage of your agency in these trying times.

Watch this webinar to learn:

Actionable strategies to address and reframe negative narrative around policing and accountability

Constructive approaches to agency "transparency" — how to position data to counter criticism and calls to defund

Models for maximizing social media to spread positive messages and improve community engagement

Who should view this webinar?

PIOs, Communications Personnel, Law Enforcement Executives who manage agency communications, Chiefs of Staff for Mayors and Municipal Offices

Watch the webinar here:

November 30, 2020 - 1:18pm

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