Scout PD Introduces Support for HEIF Image File Found on Smartphones


Scout PD Introduces Support for HEIF Image File Found on Smartphones

Police and Law Enforcement Agencies Can Now Analyze Images From Smartphone Extractions in Fraction of the Time


(April 1st, 2021) Scout PD, a product of iOLAP, Inc., announced today support for transcoding High Efficiency Image Files (.heif), including those that contain HEVC images (.heic). The JPEG image format was born in 1992.  Fast forward 23-years and HEIF came out as a next-generation solution offering 2x the compression, deep-and-wide color, 4:4:4 color sampling, images sequences and bursts, plus more.  Since 2018, both Android and iPhones use HEIF to efficiently store images.  Only when users share images does the phone convert the file to JPEG. Today Scout PD announces support for transcoding large volumes of HEIF to PNG, a lossless image standard supported by all browsers.

“HEIF and HEIC are types of files that law enforcement has to handle with increasing regularity in criminal investigations.  These file types are not supported by any browser today.  Transcoding to PNG will be highly beneficial as it will ensure standardization and timely analysis of the image content,” commented Marc Messina, VP of Product Management for iOLAP, Inc.  “This will benefit the search for missing persons, ICAC, narcotics task forces, as well as robbery and homicide, as all of these units work to ensure justice and public safety across our communities.”

Scout PD is the next-generation digital evidence management system (DEMS) for investigations. It delivers enterprise search, file sharing, industry-leading machine learning, a smart city portal, cloud storage, and cloud migration. It is engineered for AWS GovCloud; the leader in FedRAMP High authorizations.  Scout PD is SaaS ('software-as-a-service'), that uniquely drives powerful ROIs because of workflow automation and unparalleled infrastructure pricing transparency.  This benefits value-driven, budget-conscious police departments and law enforcement agencies.


April 13, 2021 - 11:41am

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