Review of 2020 SLED Market and 2021 Forecast

While 2020 will remembered as unique in many ways, politics, health, quarantine, social distancing, from a SLED IT procurement perspective many of the basic trends remained in place.

The chart below looks at the IT opportunities tracked by CJIS GROUP in 2020 by type of agency. This pie chart aggregates both RFP/RFI stage opportunities and those in the planning stages. Note:

  • General Services includes IT departments.
  • Public K-12 and Higher Education is the single most active agency type.
  • Transportation and Public Works agencies are seeing an increase in activity due to IoT initiatives.

G5 Wnl 1 26 21

SLED IT procurement took an unseasonable dip in March-May due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is primarily due to a slowdown of all procurements in SLED agencies during the initial stages of the pandemic. The activity level returned to more typical levels in June and remained that way through the balance of 2020, allowing for seasonal variations. We are expecting normal SLED IT activity to continue in 2021.

G9 Wnl 1 26 21

Technology trends including communication infrastructure, technology for security, cloud migration and portals for various flavors of constituent communication remain the dominant themes when looking at types of technologies procured and planned.   The chart below highlights the types of technologies most frequently procured/planned by SLED agencies.

G13 Wnl 1 26 21

This is a very high-level look at the market. What does it mean for you and your prospects in the SELD IT market in 2021? CJIS GROUP can help you identify emerging opportunities that fit your specific technologies/products/services. Click here and a CJIS GROUP representative will contact you and provide a detailed look at the activity and opportunities you are facing in 2021.

January 26, 2021 - 12:29pm

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