Over $1 Billion in Cybersecurity Funding Proposed

This week the House introduced the Election Security Act (H.R. 5011), which can provide states with over $1 billion in security grants and set new cybersecurity standards for voting systems vendors and equipment. Some highlights of the Act include:


  1. $1 billion Election Assistance Commission (EAC) grant program to assist in securing election infrastructure
  2. $175 million biannual sustainment funding to help maintain election infrastructure
  3. $20 million grant program for States to access risk-limiting audits
  4. $5 million grant program to study and report on [handicap]?? accessible paper ballot voting systems
  5. $20 million annually for research and development on improving the security, quality, reliability, accuracy, accessibility and affordability of election infrastructure
  6. Creates a new DHS election infrastructure innovation grant program.

Vendor Requirements:

  1. Limits State expenditures on goods and services with grant monies provided under this Act to purchases from “qualified election infrastructure vendors”; EAC, in coordination with DHS, establishes the criteria for achieving such status
  2. Creates a certification program for voter registration software.
  3. Directs States to make best efforts to ensure that its voting machines are manufactured in the United States.

We will be watching the progress of the bill carefully and keeping you up to date on what the Act means for cybersecurity projects and solution providers.

May 20, 2019 - 10:58am

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