NG911 Technology Takeaways from NENA 2019

Nena 2019

This week the CJIS GROUP team attended the 2019 National Emergency Number Association (NENA) conference. We were excited to see what innovations would be highlighted, and how these would align with NENA’s just released i3 Standard for Next Generation 9-1-1. As we expected, the panel discussed ways cloud based data systems could benefit users across PSAPs. Another hot topic was debate over the cost of IP systems. While agencies might hesitate at investing in new systems, working to patch legacy systems and upgrade individual components, this usually ended up costing more than system replacement over time and eventually placed agencies in a position where legacy systems could no longer operate and had to be replaced despite continual piece meal upgrades.

One topic trending this year was AI, Augmented Intelligence. AI uses data and patterns to provide 9-1-1 operators additional information as they are on a call. For example, a fusion center might use a gunshot detection system, city cameras and GIS to connect data across multiple calls and provide details to an operator, prompting additional questions and smarter response. This augmented intelligence doesn’t replace operators, but allows them to make more intelligent and informed decisions as they are dispatching.

NENA’s i3 Standard for Next Generation 9-1-1 is out now, and comments are open until July 8th. Comments from vendors and agencies will help shape the future of ng9-1-1 system development and implementation. We will be following comments and noting how agencies and vendors are adapting to new standards.

June 18, 2019 - 11:10am

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