HHS Trends Due to COVID-19

Over the past half a year COVID-19 has exploited weaknesses in the United States healthcare system. While the pandemic itself is a tragedy, the push it gave us to fix these weaknesses will forever alter the healthcare system. As someone who has contracted COVID-19, and therefore has had to deal with the overwhelmed system, here are my few takeaways as to what the biggest changes have been.

Increase in telehealth: According to the Department of Health and Human Services roughly 43.5% of Medicare primary care visits were provided through telehealth in April. This was a drastic change compared to February where only .1% of visits were through telehealth. This change was long overdue, it deters sick people from being out in public, and it keeps healthy people away from a possibly being exposed to sick people in doctors’ offices. Telehealth will not be going away, it will only be growing, and CJIS GROUP will be tracking upcoming telehealth initiatives closely in the coming months.

Need for better patient portals: A service CJIS GROUP has seen government agencies trying to address is either redoing, or creating new patient portals. A patient portal is an online application that allows patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare provider. These allow patients to schedule appointments and view test results all online. With more people in need of accessing patient portals, many hospitals faulty patient portals have been exposed. CJIS GROUP expects to see an increased need in patient portal upgrades as COVID-19 progresses.

Cybersecurity: The last takeaway is of course cybersecurity. Everything online related to personal health needs to be protected. Whether it is making sure your videoconferencing for telehealth is safe to use, or your health records in your patient portal are safe, everything needs to be protected. The overall need for technology in HHS is booming right now, and every piece of technology needs to be secure.

These are just a couple of the booming markets related to HHS. CJIS GROUP will continue studying the market as needs change/increase. Are you interested in learning more about projects CJIS GROUP is tracking related to HHS? Click here and schedule a time with a CJIS GROUP staff member to go over opportunities we are seeing in the HHS market.

August 5, 2020 - 9:29am

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