Full Stop? Texas Red Light Camera Ban Details

Over the weekend, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a law banning red-light traffic cameras in Texas. The ban passed with more than 2/3 support in both the Texas Senate and House, meaning it went into effect immediately on June 2, 2019. For cities with contracts in place as of May 7, 2019, the ban will only end their current vendor contract if it specifically contained a clause that “authorizes termination of the contract on the basis of adverse state legislation.”

The reaction across the state has been mixed. Several cities extended contracts ahead of the anticipated ban, including Leon Valley, Dallas, and Irving. These grandfathered contracts will allow the systems to operate as usual but prohibit them from denying vehicle registration to individuals with outstanding fines. Other communities have begun negotiations to terminate contracts earlier. Fort Worth’s contract expires in 2026, but the city intends to end the contract immediately with the passing of the ban.​ Many cities are currently in limbo, waiting for city officials to determine a course of action.

Initially, cities anticipated the bill would go into effect in September 2019, but the 2/3 majority support sent it into effect immediately. This leaves cities with current contracts in limbo as law enforcement waits for direction from city officials. CJIS GROUP will be closely monitoring cities across the state as they determine how to implement the law.

June 3, 2019 - 9:01am

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