Election Security Legislation Update: Passed, Failed and Pending Bills

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This week the House passed the Securing America's Federal Elections (SAFE) Act, aimed at boosting election security, which would require paper ballots in federal elections and provide $775 million over two years for states to secure their voting systems. While it’s unclear if the Act will move forward on the Senate floor, several states have been successful at pushing through legislation to improve election security this session. Three states signed bills around voting system security:

  1. Wyoming HB 21 authorizes a $7,500,000 election readiness account to assist local governments with purchasing new voting equipment.
  2. New Hampshire HB 345 requires new ballot-counting equipment to be acquired at regular intervals.
  3.  Indiana SB 570 addresses vendor requirements and requires a paper trail for all electronic systems. 

Bills in Mississippi (HB 28), Texas (SB 277HB 22, HB 362) and South Carolina (HB 3304HB 3043HB 3302SB 182SB 183SB 140) did not make it out of committee this year. New York (SB 308) has a rolling session, but the bill has been sitting in committee since January.

We will keep an eye on pending federal legislation and local cities and counties as agencies begin to refine system functionality, upgrade outdated equipment and set new standards for vendors.

July 1, 2019 - 11:11am

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