Cyber-Security Prioritized for State and Local Government

Anything that is done online needs to be protected these days. Last year alone, there were nearly 200 cyber-attacks on state and local government agencies. It is expected that this number will only go up in 2020 and beyond. When there is a problem though, there is usually a solution. CJIS GROUP has seen state and local government agencies positioning themselves to protect their cyber infrastructure. Many agencies need help protecting their critical information online and are turning to vendors to guide them. This is why getting in early before an RFP is released is so crucial when working with state and local government —make them aware of your capabilities and solutions before they go to procurement.


A few interesting cyber security initiatives have been uncovered by CJIS GROUP’s research team in recent weeks:


The Nevada Department of Education released an RFI to gather information on updating their Identity and Access Management System Development. This is a case where they had an old system in place, and they are gathering information from companies to see what are some best practices and available solutions. You can find this RFI here.


In early August a CJIS GROUP researcher had a conversation with a 911 coordinator at an agency in Florida who stated that their county’s 911 agency will be seeking to acquire cybersecurity services. At this time, they realized that this is an issue they need to address, but they have not established a timeline to procure services at this time. If you would like more information on this project click here.


Currently, CJIS GROUP is tracking roughly 200 data security services projects in early planning stages across the United States. We uncovered these projects before a formal bid has been announced. Are you interested in learning more about these opportunities? Click the schedule a meeting button below and a CJIS GROUP representative will schedule a meeting to walk you through these opportunities.



Stay well,

Maxwell Heinemann

Marketing Manager 


August 11, 2020 - 1:35pm

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