Coronavirus Driving IT Innovation

Over the last two months the Coronavirus managed to infect over 100,000 people worldwide, and roughly 100 people in the United States. Currently federal, state, and local governments are racing to find technologies can help contain the spread of this virus. With this being said, a few technology vendors have stepped up to the task of creating new technologies to improve containment.

In early February, Everbridge, an emergency notification company, launched a new coronavirus risk data enhancement for critical event management (CEM). According to an Everbridge press release, “The new, specialized threat data feed tracks developments related to the virus, including health-related incidents and bulletins, airport closures, transportation delays, movement restrictions, and manufacturing disruptions.” The ability for governments to provide emergency alerts to their constituents will aid in containing this disease.

Another company on the forefront of combating the Coronavirus is MTX Group. On Monday, MTX Group launched a coronavirus/disease monitoring and control application for US government agencies using the Google cloud platform. According to their press release, “MTX Disease Monitoring and Control App provided state government agencies, health officials, and airports with real-time insights in predicting at-risk communities, disease growth rates, and monitoring the rapid spreading of diseases - most recently with the Coronavirus outbreak. The app also provides immediate clinical attention to individuals most affected and prevents the spread to at-risk communities.” Real time monitoring  and predictive analytics could help contain this disease.

We are only two months into this outbreak and tech vendors are responding to the demand for new technology. A silver lining to the emergence of the Coronavirus is that we are now more prepared for the next disease outbreak, and we will have technology in place for such an event.

March 5, 2020 - 11:09am

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