5 Keys for Marketing to State and Local Government

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5 Keys for Marketing to State and Local Government

Author: Maxwell Heinemann


Over the last four years, I have been lucky enough to help run hundreds of marketing campaigns targeted to state and local government audiences. With many successes (and some failures), I now know the essentials for a successful campaign.


  1. Get to It – Based on our experience with CJIS GROUP mailing campaigns, roughly 50% of your audience will spend less than seven seconds reading your email. That means you need to present the problem you are trying to solve right away. This is not school – you are not getting graded on your content’s word count. Get to your point ASAP.
  2. Not everybody knows your company’s language – A consistent problem I encounter when working with clients is their use of jargon. When creating content put yourself in the reader’s shoes. Are you using words that are not general knowledge? Is your writing clear, even if the audience member does not have vast technical knowledge? Remember, there is a wide range of state and local government decision makers. Tailor your message to the audience(s).
  3. If you are Offering Something in your CTA, Make Sure it is Helpful – As much as marketing managers would love it if hundreds of contacts filled out a “Schedule a Demo Form”, it will not happen. Audience members are unlikely to fill out a call-to-action form if there is not an immediate benefit for their submission. Offer market insights, case studies, free trials, anything that can benefit the reader. Remember, the call-to-action is meant for the reader, not for you to hit your numbers.
  4. List Size Matters, but a well-qualified list will produce the best leads –The wider the net you cast, the more fish you will reel in – but are they the right fish?  Make sure your lists are updated, well qualified, have the right titles or roles in an agency and are from agencies that fit your target market.  Getting a clean, well-qualified list involves some upfront work, but the ROI can be tremendous. If your company is concerned about who you mail to due to an opt-in policy or GDPR, outsource your emailing to a company that will mail to their list on your behalf.  (Example: CJIS GROUP 😊)
  5. It Is Better to do Something Rather Than Nothing at All – It is so easy to keep pushing back your marketing endeavors because it is not “ready”. Of course, you want to have well-thought-out content, but it is so easy to get analysis paralysis. Set realistic deadlines to carry-out campaigns and stick to them.

Are you struggling with your state and local government marketing efforts? Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected] and I would be happy to provide assistance any way I can.

February 22, 2022 - 5:09pm

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