4 Keys to Building a Robust SLED Tech Pipeline During the Covid-19 Crisis

At CJIS GROUP we are seeing tech businesses react to the current pandemic and resulting social distancing in two distinct ways:

  1.  Put all spending/marketing activities on hold
  2. Double down on using available tools to build/maintain a robust SLED Tech pipeline

Which strategy will give your firm a competitive advantage as we come out of this crisis period?  I am sure you will agree it is option two.   Here are some strategies we are seeing our most successful clients employ during this period:

  1. Make sure your sales team is using all market intelligence tools to maximize opportunities in their territories.  Our clients are finding that relying on the old-boy network is not working right now to get market intelligence – government agencies are too busy reacting to critical concerns to respond to phone calls.  At the same time the number of SLED Tech procurements has slowed minimally, so opportunities are out there if you are mining them consistently and intelligently using the best tools.
  2. Use this period to increase awareness regarding your product/service through direct marketing campaigns.  Now is the time to clean up those stale contact lists, plan campaigns for the second half of the year and make sure you are able to reach audiences both in the IT and operating arms of SLED agencies.  With no trade shows, many of our clients are adopting more aggressive webinar strategies as well. 
  3. Social distancing may be with us in one form or another for quite a while.  Does your product or service support working, training, communicating at a distance?  If so, begin crafting messages to the K-12, college, courts, corrections and public entertainment markets regarding adjustments they can make using your tools and services.   Obviously SLED tech used in public health and other human services agencies will benefit from crisis funding and our clients in these sectors are carefully monitoring the needs of these agencies.
  4. Prepare for many delayed purchasing decisions.  We are already seeing RFP response periods elongated to two to three months in procurements that typically had two weeks to one-month response periods.  This only reinforces the need to have more opportunities at the top of your pipeline. 

Some of this may be interpreted as motherhood and apple pie – but in times like this -- a little motherhood and apple pie sounds mighty good. 

April 13, 2020 - 11:16am

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