2020 Corporate Acts of Kindness

What a whirl-wind year 2020 has been. Pandemonium causes change, and in the most hectic year of the last century many changes have taken place within state and local government. With almost all aspects of life shifting to an online setting, some agile technology companies have shifted their focus and/or modified their products to meet the need of consumers, government agencies and communities in need. Not all of 2020 was bad, and at CJIS GROUP we wanted to highlight some technology vendors that went above and beyond “business as usual” in the last year:

  • Charter Communications- offered free two-month access to their Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi to K-12 and college student households.
  • StarLeaf- a provider of group communication and collaboration services, lifted call time limits for free users during the holiday season.
  • Everbridge- quickly pivoted their emergency alerting product into a contact tracing/coronavirus alerting product.
  • PayIt- offered free assistance to all government agencies in development of social media and PR campaign strategies and creative assets around COVID-19 through e-mail.
  • Raytheon- Donated $450 million to small businesses, assisted local government in the sourcing of PPE, and worked with government to design and manufacture ventilators in Raytheon facilities.

Leading into 2021 we cannot predict what will happen, but we do know one thing: Kindness, helpfulness and generosity are always a good option when you are working with people. All the companies listed above went out of their way to help individuals and government agencies, and it resulted in success for their businesses in 2020 and the communities they serve.


Stay well,

Maxwell Heinemann

Marketing Manager 


January 5, 2021 - 11:59am

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