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It’s going to be a warm week…again. Across the country, record-breaking heat continues to impact communities and provide challenges for electrical grid systems. Heat-related blackouts this month in New York created dangerous conditions for many enduring 90+ degree temperatures. Utility grid issues are not new for the state, and over the past 10 years New York spent around $17 million in smart grid implementation, including robust automated data collection. Prior to the heat wave, many cities across the state also encouraged residents to reduce electricity consumption to alleviate some stress on the utility grid.

The 2018 Department of Energy Smart Grid System Report estimates that by 2024, annual smart grid spending is expected to be $13.8 billion. Innovative smart grid deployment areas include:

  • Advanced transmission system technologies for wide-area visibility and control
  • Advanced distribution system technologies for self-healing automation, equipment health monitoring, and voltage optimization
  • Advanced metering infrastructure
  • Smart customer devices and energy management systems that enable demand response    

Portland will work to increase customer energy monitoring this year with a Smart Grid Test Bed pilot project where customers will receive incentives for using smart-home technologies. By combining existing smart grid technology at electric substations with smart home devices, the city will have data to more effectively use resources and determine where to invest in future technology enhancements.

Smart grid technologies that allow for better monitoring and load balancing, combined with technologies providing customers tools for monitoring and reducing consumption, are on the rise.

July 30, 2019 - 11:14am

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