Criminal Justice & Public Safety

CJIS GROUP provides pre-RFP market intelligence regarding the technology needs, plans, current in-service technology and incumbent vendors for State and Local Government Departments of:

  • Law Enforcement (Sheriff, Police , State Law Enforcement Departments)
  • Public Safety (Fire and Emergency Services Departments)
  • Courts (Stat Administrative offices of the Courts, Local Jurisdictions)
  • Corrections (State Prisons and Local Jails)
  • Homeland Security (Fusion Centers)

Founded by a 27 year veteran of state and local law enforcement and  the former Director of the Division of Criminal Justice Information Systems for the State of Florida, CJIS GROUP has collected, analyzed and made available market intelligence regarding technology systems in the Criminal Justice/Public Safety Market for over 14 years.

CJIS GROUP is the only market intelligence firm that "drills-down"  to the individual local agency level to provide our members with a view of the current technology platforms in use, key local decision makers and the age of installed technology.  In short,  CJIS GROUP can be the extra eyes and ears that help you as a government executive make better, more informed, decisions.