What We Do

If you work in Government, CJIS GROUP offers valuable resources to help you:

  • Learn how other agencies are using technology
  • Understand what type of solutions are being implemented  to solve specific issues.  

 With CJIS GROUP Solutions, Government Users can:

  • Connect  more easily with agencies working on similar objectives
  • Learn how to find and implement effective technology solutions
  • Understand  how to fund new initiatives
  • See  which vendors are the most successful in the market.   

Best of all,  our service is available FREE to government users.

Got a research request? Just ask!

CJIS GROUP is the premier market intelligence firm focusing on technology procurements in the state and local government market.   Our team of researchers conduct over 1,000 interviews per week with government executives and review over 70,000 web pages daily  to identify, qualify and update pre-RFP technology procurements. We digest that information and present it to government executives and technology vendors enabling both to learn about technology capabilities and needs more efficiently.