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For Technology Vendors

Win more technology bids with the right kind of market intelligence, from CJIS GROUP.

  • Build your pipeline with qualified pre-RFP intelligence
  • Make smarter bid/no-bid decisions
  • Turn “cold calls” into “warm calls”
  • Track opportunities with proactive alerts



For Government

Optimize the procurement process through access to CJIS GROUP's intelligence platform.

  • Qualify vendors
  • Join a community of your peers
  • Learn about technology successes in similar agencies
  • Become a Government Member

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Facts and Figures

  • 1,558 Awarded Public Safety Reports
  • 1,096 Pre-RFP Law Enforcement Opportunities
  • 3,399 State and Local Government Agency Profiles
  • $146,613,145 2014 YTD award amount in CJIS GROUP database
  • $53,706,701 2014 YTD award amount for Public Safety projects in CJIS GROUP database